Forgiveness: The Sine Qua Non of Relationships

Have you experienced a strained or broken relationship because of unforgiveness? Forgiveness is not easy. In anger, we want retribution not restoration. Pride and pain can make it so hard to forgive. Yet forgiveness is not optional. Because Christ forgave us, we must forgive others. And without forgiveness, the sine qua non of relationships, our relationships can not thrive or even survive. In Sunday’s sermon I address the Price of Unforgiveness, the Power for Forgiveness, and the Practice of Forgiveness. You can listen to this kickoff message in our RelationSHIFT series HERE.

Matt Golden dropped a powerful spoken word called Lone Stranger based on Ephesians. Here’s what Matt says about the piece: “God laid on my heart the importance of church unity for the sake of glorifying His Name. I was specifically burdened with the lie of ‘private faith’ and how it can, and in some cases has, crippled churches. Just wanted to take some shots at that mentality for the glory of God.” You can listen HERE or watch the video below.

Gordon Park Services, here we come! Sunday June 15 we return to 12th (Rosa Parks Blvd) & Clairmount for the first of 4 outdoor worship services (July 6, July 27, August 17). Worship begins at 11AM followed by a cookout. Pastor Clete will be preaching on True Manhood in the second message in our RelationSHIFT series. Saturday June 14 at 10AM we will conduct a park cleanup to prepare for Sunday’s worship service and cookout. If you are not participating in Restore Baseball at Central High School on Saturdays, we’d love your help for the park cleanup!


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