Consulting the Designer

Doing relationships our way is wreaking havoc on our communities and our lives. The stats will nauseate you. And behind the sterile numbers are decimated hearts and stunted futures. It’s time we consulted the Divine Designer to rediscover the biblical foundations of marriage. Before we see how marriage is meant to reflect redemption, we must first see how it is rooted in creation — the PURPOSE of marriage, the STRUGGLE of marriage, and the HOPE of marriage. You can listen to the message HERE.

Please pray for our week with the youth mission team from Berean Baptist Church of Livonia. We are pumped for this week of ministry partnership! If you are interested in serving, email Peter Ashmore at
Also, you are invited to our movie night Friday June 27 6PM at the PO. We will be watching Gimme Shelter (trailer below) followed by a panel discussion with those who have been in the foster system or have fostered children.
We’d love your help as we launch a second summer of Kids’ Club on July 7. You can sign up for providing breakfasts HERE. For other ways you can serve, contact Annie Kopena at
Lastly, pray for Membership Process Advisory Team as we meet throughout the summer. We are excited about rolling out formal membership at the start of 2014 accompanied by a sermon series on the church.

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