sex? Singlehood? DATING?!

Are you willing to obey to what God had to say about sex, singlehood, and dating? We live in an explicitly pornographic world in which past guilt is stealing present freedom. Singles can often struggle with feeling like second class citizens or idolizing marriage. Recreational dating is prevalent in today’s society. Pastor Mike tackles these hot topics of sex, singlehood, and dating and how to approach them based on Scripture. You can listen to the message HERE.

Thanks to all who served and helped to make Restore Baseball happen these past couple of weeks. We met at the good ol’ Tiger Stadium for the last time this season. Despite the sketchy weather, it was a great success and all the kids who participated had a blast. Let us continue to keep the children and youth in our prayers and if you have any suggestions as to how we can better serve them, please email Peter Ashmore at

This upcoming Saturday (7/26) a team from from Highland, MI will be visiting to help us clean the alley behind the PO and Joy Road. We will be working from 1 – 5 pm. There will also be a pizza dinner afterwards so please come join us!
It would be awesome if you could come out to help and meet our brothers and sisters from Highland!

On Sunday we will be looking at Matthew 5:4-6 to see how the King transforms us from nothing to everything. As a friendly reminder, we will be meeting at the post office, NOT at Gordon Park. Or as Pastor Clete said, you can still go to the park, but just get to the post office by 11:00am for worship!


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