Reflections from Legacy Conference 2014

Some of our brothers and sisters attended the Legacy Conference in Chicago, IL a couple of weeks ago, and we asked them if they could share a glimpse of their experiences/reflections. Here is how a couple of them responded!

Maja Golden

God really convicted my heart of many things while at Legacy this year. Not only did He pinpoint some of the weaknesses and doubts I have but He used several people to remind me of His glory and sovereignty in all circumstances, big and small.

The first workshop I took was called Life on Life and was very helpful and fitting in the current season of my life, in discipling those who are younger than me. I was reminded that I shouldn’t be concerned with what they thought of me but rather how I am modeling and speaking the Gospel to their life. There have been days of discouragement while living life on life with someone and trying to disciple them while clearly seeing that their commitment to the discipling relationship was barely there. I was encouraged to know that my efforts are not in vain because God is the one who changes the heart, not me. I was also given practical steps on how to move forward with a discpling relationship that seems stagnant and I am excited to put that into action, trusting that God will do as He pleases.

One out of the many marvelous things that I was able to witness at Legacy was when a young man working at pizza place stopped my husband, our friend Amber and me on our way back to the conference. He asked us where we were going and who we were celebrating. Everything inside me was thinking “I don’t have time for this. I want to get back to the conference.” At that very moment, God took a hold of my “always in a hurry” heart and allowed me to see Him work through my husband and our friend Amber. I stood there watching as both the people I love proclaimed the beauty and the truth of the Gospel to this young man who seemed to drop his guard with every nugget of truth shared with him. I pray that God will save this young man and that in his testimony he will see the gracious hand of God that evening during that conversation.

Peter Ashmore

Does the image of God in man matter? Now that’s a good question to consider. If I were to be honest, I’ve primarily considered that question from a very individual perspective. That is, “Am I made in the image of God?” I attended a workshop with Leshea in the track entitled “The Imago Dei and the Minority Experience.” I was confronted with the harsh reality that this great theological truth can be a sincere struggle for minorities in America. I had never stopped to ponder that my “personhood” and the personhood of my family has never been called into question. Now I find myself sitting with many whose parents were the first generation to get that kind of affirmation with regard to their personhood. Theological precision is necessary and helpful – but it was brought to my attention that the life experiences of my fellow believers made this truth a little more difficult to swallow. The fact is that every human being, no matter gender, age, ethnicity, or creed, is made is the image of God and has inherent worth and dignity. That’s what makes racism or sexism or classism so shameful – looking at another image bearer and saying “I’m worth more than you – I’m better than you…” 

Praise God for Christ! For with him “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28) The imago dei does matter. It matters because people matter. And it matters because people were created to image their Creator.

When we first approached them to ask them about their experiences they all said there is just too much to share and condense it into a couple of paragraphs. I’m sure they would be more than happier to share in person as well, so don’t hesitate to ask! Let us continue to share with one another how God is working in our lives and how he continues to convict our hearts!

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