The Final Charge – Prayer and Community

How does Apostle Paul end his letter to the church of Ephesus? In the first half of the letter we saw how we are a united body in Christ and the second half of the letter we saw the practical ways through which we fulfill God’s purposes in the church. Paul closes the letter with the charge to pray at all times in the Spirit not only for oneself, but for all the saints. We are not to be gripped by fear, but to be bold and fearless in making known the mystery of the Gospel! Also, as we are aware of Satan’s pursuit to destroy and divide, we seek to walk in community, praying for one another, speaking truth into each other’s lives, and growing closer to Jesus as a body. You can listen to Charles Bovan speak on Ephesians 6:18-24 HERE.

Next week we start our new sermon series “Darkness & Light” from the raw & gritty book of Judges.  We hope you can join us for this series as we kick it off 9/7. Our nursery will be in full swing as well this Sunday.

On Tuesday (8/26) we hosted the third quarterly meeting for plantMIDWEST and it was truly a blast. Church planters from near and far gathered at the PO to pray and worship together, and to get a biblical perspective on homosexuality and how we are to respond in a way that shows what we are for, rather than being known for what we’re against. We thank our speaker Christopher Yuan for sharing with us his story of God’s grace upon him and the perseverance of his parents who prayed for him without ceasing. We also want to give a huge shoutout to the Restore family for making plantMIDWEST happen, sacrificially serving our fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you for joining us and we hope more of you can join us for our final quarterly meeting! If you missed the meeting, here is the audio to first session on homosexuality texts and hermeneutics, the second session on the Christian’s response to homosexuality, followed by Q&A session with Dr. Yuan.

Starting this month, we will be praying and fasting together as a body the first Friday of the month. We want to be a church that prays, prays, and prays, knowing that God that hears our prayers. So this upcoming Friday (9/5), similarly to how we prayed a couple of weeks ago, we will fast throughout the day (follow via twitter @resdetroit), praying as the Sprit leads, and then gathering for the prayer meeting at the PO 6-7pm. Please join us in prayer!


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