Halfway Obedience

Gang rape. Mass murder in a family. Man sacrifices his daughter. What in the world? These are just some of the gruesome acts in the book of Judges. The reality is, this hard core book shows us what happens when man does what is good in his own eyes. It is also a commentary on what goes on around the world today. Thankfully, we also see in this book that in the deepest darkness there is light and hope through the True Hero Judges points us to.

In the opening chapter, we get a glimpse of what sets Israel up for a nasty downward spiral — halfway obedience. It looks good for a minute, finds excuses, involves compromise, and is ultimately and actually full-bore disobedience. In God’s mercy this can lead us to the cross, the ground zero of the New Covenant. What makes the new covenant better is that Jesus fulfills the old covenant for us, he upholds both sides of the deal! To accomplish this He wasn’t just given over to the pagan nations as was Israel the nation, but as the true Israel of God, he was given over to the wrath of God. What should our response be? We should be led to repentance, and the proof of our repentance is to turn around (2 Cor. 7:10-11). We will not obey fully in this life, but because of Jesus we can repent genuinely. You can listen HERE to Pastor Mike’s opening message from Judges in our new sermon series Darkness & Light.


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