From Doubter to Doer

Has God ever called you to do something that scares you or that you doubt that you can do? Leading something? Sharing Jesus? Reaching across some line? Having a hard conversation? Inviting a neighbor over for dinner? Committing to a relationship? Giving up something? If you have never felt God calling you to something that seems hard, you are probably not listening to the Spirit. But if you know that uneasy feeling, you’re in good company. In contrast to the Sunday-school Superman version, Gideon was a doubting man. He was a fearful man. But God moves this doubter to be a doer. In the same way God moves us to become doers. It was his Word, his Spirit, and his Grace, that moved Gideon from doubting to doing. God in his grace meets us in our weakness. Grace at its core is God making us alive in our deadness, not something we can earn but something that we receive through Christ in his death and resurrection. Jesus struck sin, death, hell, and Satan to bring us home. Let us open our hearts so that this promise of God awakens us to obedient action, and may we worship Him as we are awestruck by his grace. We can’t move ourselves, but there is a God who can. Are you being moved? Are you aware of your tailor made grace? You can listen to this powerful message on Judges 6-7 by Pastor Mike HERE.

This Friday (10/10), we continue with our monthly rhythm of prayer and fasting As we did last month, prayer topics will be posted throughout the day, and then 6-7pm we will have a power hour of prayer at the PO. When we get those hunger pains, let us remember to draw our strength from the true Bread of Life!


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