The Danger of Success

Have you ever caught yourself sticking out your chest for something that you shouldn’t be taking credit? In the second part of our study of Gideon, we see the fall of this great judge of Israel. As we read in Judges 8, Gideon, who went from doubting to doing, then went to chest thumping. We saw how there are danger signs that maybe indicate that you are not leading or handling success well. You might avoid needed tough conversations, in bondage of being liked by everyone. You might have anger against those who buck your authority. You also might be abusing your authority for personal gain, for things such as money and for more power, or for acclaim and identity. Lastly, you might professionalize hypocrisy, having a studied ability to say what is right but practice what is wrong. Gideon did some good things but he also left a hot mess. However, there was another leader who had all the right to demand first-class service. Unlike Gideon, Jesus resisted the temptation to gain power and authority for himself. He had all the right to be served, but he himself served the ones who did not deserve anything. 

In order to defend against the dangers of success one must remember that true leaders are servant leaders, that we are tools with expiration dates. We also need to remember that gifting is from the Lord and that he is not impressed by our giftedness but rather our godliness. We must not forget that we are a target of the enemy and his weapon is pride, and that God in his sovereignty may allow struggles in our lives to keep us grounded. But more than anything, we must always remember that we are constantly drenched in His Grace. The message of the cross is that we are forgiven, and we can lead from the cross as crucified leaders. Because Jesus was extraordinary we can be ordinary, and because he was somebody we can be nobodies. Which of those danger signs got you? If you lead anything or have been successful at anything, this message is for you. You can hear the message by Pastor Mike HERE!

This upcoming weekend, the men of Restore will join our fellow brothers from Mosaic church to a men’s retreat. The theme is Compelled – In brokenness, Toward Jesus, Into Mission. Please pray for this retreat, that it may not only be a great time of fellowship, but also a time in which the men are empowered by the Gospel of our Lord and Savior!



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