The Man who would be King

There are two kinds of people in the world: the repentant and the unrepentant. And God makes sure unrepentant people get what they deserve, as we saw with Abimelech from Judges 9. Why was Abimelech so intent on being king? He was a broken man fighting for significance, having an inferiority complex. It’s not wrong to feel like you don’t measure up or to feel that you’re broken. The issue and question is where are you going to be healed. Fallen broken people like us weren’t meant to fix ourselves. Whenever we play doctor, we make a bigger mess than what we started with. We all make attempts to fill our God shaped holes in our hearts with things that don’t fully satisfy. We have to learn how to take those natural longings of significance to Jesus, so he can be that for us. Are you closer to unbelievers than Christians? Do you have a habit of linking arms with people who you know won’t ever challenge you or call you out? Do you find yourself moving away from people you feel or know won’t give you a pass and will check you on your sin? If the people around you aren’t actively point you to Jesus, you are living in isolation and God did not intend for anyone to do life and live life in isolation. On the flip side, a community of yes-men and enablers is no community at all. That’s why we need people who will not tell us what we want to hear but to reel us in when we get off track.

Abimelech ruled Israel for 3 years, operating in a position which God did not intended for him to have, and there was silence. Based on what happened next,  we see that it would be foolish to think that God’s silence as a sign of his approval. God, the just and righteous judge, makes sure Abimelech gets what he deserves. We are like Abimelech in so many ways, deserving of God’s unsuspecting wrath. But thanks be to God, someone was willing to stand in our place. Jesus Christ, the ultimate judge, the true king whose only desire was to do the will of God, did not need a community of yes-men to bolster his claim to be the king of king because he already had his cosign from the Father. God makes sure that unrepentant people get what they deserve, but he also makes sure that repentant people get the mercy and grace that they do not deserve. Are you doing the right things for the wrong reasons? Do you really believe God is just? You can listen to this powerful message by Randy Wimbley on Judges 9 HERE
Thanks again to the brothers at Mosaic Church who invited us to be part of the men’s retreat. It was a great time of fellowship, and our hope is that all the men would be constantly reminded of God’s Grace over our lives, the power of Prayer, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit (GPS)!


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