The Danger of making a hybrid god

‘Hybrid’ means something is formed of two or more entities, such as hybrid shoes and hybrid bikes, and we typically associate ‘hybrid’ as being a good thing. However, it’s not good to make a hybrid god. In other words, it’s fun to build-a-bear, but not to build a god. As we read in Judges 10-12, God saves and uses thugs. ‘Thugs’ meaning people, no matter what they look like, who refuse to live under God’s authority. Jephthah was equivalent of the four-year varsity starting inside linebacker, but not quite what we would typically label as someone who has the qualities of a leader, shunned by his own brothers because of his background. However, Jephthah was eventually called to lead his people in battle against the Philistines. Along the way we see how he seemed to show some signs of having faith in the LORD, and he was filled with the Spirit. Unfortunately, Jephthah’s story of redemption does not end there. He then makes a foolish vow which resulted in his sacrificing his daughter as a burnt offering. He doesn’t show that God operates by grace. Jephthah made a hybrid god, sacrificing his daughter like the pagans did. He embraced the truth of the living God and mixed it with lies of false gods. He was a mixologist with blender theology.

Jephthah leads us to be longing for a better rescuer. Jesus like Jephthah was rejected by his own people. He was also followed by a bunch of worthless fellows. But it was even worse for Jesus that he was abandoned by them when he needed them the most. And he would offer a sacrifice just like Jephthah, but unlike Jephthah who sacrificed his daughter, Jesus sacrificed himself to make us sons and daughters of God. Japheth did not understand grace, but Jesus was, still is, and forever will be, the source of all Grace. When we are gripped by this grace, we glory in the reality that God uses people of rough backgrounds, and we are freed to confess where we’ve been making a hybrid god. God plus racism, plus blame-ism, plus fallen sexuality, plus individualism, and plus tradition. Where are you being a god mixologist? What are some of the hybrid gods in your lives? We are trucking along our sermon series on the book of Judges, Darkness vs. Light! You can hear this message by Pastor Mike on Judges 10-12 HERE.
This Friday (10/31) 5:00 – 7:30 pm, we will be hosting a Trunk or Treat at the PO, an event open to the community. There will be trunks creatively decorated and full of goodies. Please invite your neighbors, for we want to have fun, but also build relationships with the people near to us! There is also a prize to the person/family with the best decorated trunk, so started getting those creativity juices flowin’!



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