What does Grace do?

What is grace? Is it anything more than an overused Christian word that carries no weight? NO! Grace is undeserving favor to undeserving sinners that brings us into relationship with God, most fully revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we continue with our series Darkness vs. Light, we saw how, more than being about Samson’s birth, Judges 13 paints a picture of what happens when grace lands on someone, what grace does.  So what does grace do? Grace comes unexpectedly. Again we see the ongoing pattern of rebellion against and the retribution, but what we don’t see is repentance. Yet God in his sovereign grace, sends a judge to deliver them. In other words, even though they have not cried out in repentance, God sends them a rescuer. The posture of God towards those who he plans to save is to run after them and to bring them home. The God of all grace does the impossible. In overflowing grace, not only does God bring blessings to the barrenness to your lives, but his saving grace turns spiritual cadavers into true worshipers. Also, in his grace, God changes our direction. As both of Samson’s parents embraced the new direction to which God had lead them, when grace breaks into our lives, it changes our direction in the form of holiness, service, and missions. Lastly, when grace lands, it creates a worshiper. T’was grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved. When we start to fear the Lord is when we start to get to know him, which leads us to worship.

As God promised, Samson was born. As we will see in the next couple of weeks, God saves in very unconventional manner and this points us to someone whose birth we celebrate every year. Just like Samson, Jesus was consecrated after his birth and saved his people. But unlike Samson who sinned early and often, whose victory was incomplete, partial at best, Jesus was sinless and his victory was complete, saving all his people from their sin. Has he saved you from your sins? You can hear this message on Judges 13 by Pastor Mike HERE!
It is that time around the month! It is the first Friday (11/7) of the month, which means we as a body will pray and fast throughout the day, depending on the Lord and seeking His will. Prayer topics will be posted on social media throughout the day so be on the lookout. Later that evening at 6-7pm, we will gather at the PO for a power hour of prayer. Let us continue to cry out to God who is not only our deliver, but also our sustainer!

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