When a man LUSTS a woman

When a man lusts a woman? Sexual desires are holy and healthy when they are expressed in God’s plan and boundaries. As we continued with the narrative of Samson from the book of Judges, we saw how the judge Samson was really bounded by his desire for Delilah. We also saw how Judges 16 was not just about sexual lust but about craving after anything else besides God. There are four things that happen when we crave something more than God: (1) You misuse your giftings to pursue your cravings; (2) You think you control your cravings but they control you; (3) You become blind to your spiritual condition; and (4) You are destroyed. The once indestructible Samson was eventually weakened and he was ultimately destroyed. However, thankfully, sin does not have the last say. Not in Samson’s life nor in the life of Israel. The only true and living God is the one who gives the Philistines their victory, and as he gives over Samson to the Philistines to judge him, God is actually judging the Philistines, bringing sweet victory to the nation of Israel. Actually, it is a violent victory. But there was a much more violent victory. Out of the ruble of Judges 16 emerges the rock of Jesus Christ. Like Samson Jesus was betrayed by a loved one, Samson by Delilah, Jesus by Judas. He was mocked, ridiculed, and abandoned. However, unlike Samson who was abandoned for his sin, Jesus was abandoned for our sin, so we would not have to be everlastingly abandoned for our sin. For us, he put one hand on the pillar of God’s holiness, and the other on the pillar of our sinfulness, and he was crushed by an avalanche of the sins of his elect people. While Samson’s victory was partial and temporary, Jesus’ victory is eternal, and by faith, we put our hope in him. You can hear this message on Judges 16 by Pastor Mike HERE! Also, if you missed last week’s message by Charles Bovan on the importance of walking in community you can listen to that HERE!


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