Worshiping the Creator vs. the created?

There’s a huge difference between the real and the fake. The genuine and the knock offs. Just like how there are real gold rings that keep their colors for years, and then the fake rings that leave green stains on your fingers, we either worship the God who created us or a god created by us. Judge 16 is a transition period where there are no more judges of Israel, and chapters 17 and 18 now focus on the spiritual decay. Micah, whose actions represent the state of the nation of Israel, stole and lied about stealing from his mother and there is no true remorse. We see a man with no integrity or principles, but more so, a man doing things his own way, living life according to his own rules and worshiping his own way. Things only get worse. He not only makes an idol but he also builds a shrine and makes his son a priest. In other words, he customized worship to his own liking. In the same way we want to customize Jesus. We think that we can shape God into our own image when He is the one who created us in His image. Jesus is not a sub sandwich you can make to your own liking. There is a clear difference between worshiping the living God who created you and a god you created. Who do you say that Jesus is? Who is he to you? Do you follow the Son of the Living God. Or the Jesus you created?

So how should we respond? What we see with Micah and his family was dead worship. It’s not just about what you do two hours a week Sunday morning. Worship is not something that you do but a life you live for him and that is what Jesus calls us to do. What does true worship look like? Are there areas in your life that you have not presented to him? Jesus demands it. How we live daily points to who we worship. Whatever you give preeminence above our Lord Jesus Christ will leave you empty. You can make a good thing a god thing and these idols will always break the hearts of the worshiper. True joy and satisfaction can only be found in Jesus Christ, living for the King who died for us. You can hear this message on Judges 17 by Pastor Tyler St. Clair HERE!
Baptism Sunday (12/7) is coming up very soon! If you would like to learn more about what baptism is and the significance to it, contact Pastor Mike at mikehanafee at mikehanafee@resdetroit.orgLet us pray for those who will be getting baptized, and that the Lord will bring more people to himself!

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