The Magnificat

We just ended a series in the dark book of Judges where we were left longing for a true savior. As we began our Christmas series, Christmas Victory Songs, we saw how after 400 years of silence, out of the prophetic blue, this peasant virgin named Mary is told that she is going to have a son whom she is to name Jesus. Mary initially had doubts. But we see how she moved from a place of doubt to simple faith. Doubt is where true relationship with God starts. It is a doorway, not the enemy, to faith. Through this passage of Luke 1:46-55 which is also known as the The Magnificat (‘Song of Mary’), we saw how Mary’s response to Jesus inside of her reflects when someone comes to faith and salvation in Christ. The signs of an authentic encounter with Jesus are: (1) a clear focus on God as the one who saves; (2) a heart that worships God; (3) an assurance that the eternal God cares for me personally; (4) a boasting in undeserved grace; (5) a sense that something epic, life changing has happened; (6) a conviction that God is doing something far bigger than just saving me; and (7) a trust in God’s word. On the basis of the promises in John 3:16, your relationship with God who never lies and always keeps his word can begin. Do you need to trust Jesus? You can listen to the message on passage from Luke by Pastor Mike HERE!

What a privilege it was to witness the baptism of the 7 brothers and sisters who got baptized! Thank you to those who served in the front and behind the scenes. Let us continue to pray for our newly baptized brothers and sisters, that they may continue to profess their faith in our Lord and Savior and that they may go out into the world to show and tell Jesus!
This upcoming Friday (12/12) we will gather at the PO at 6:30pm for a dinner and dialogue on race and injustice. In light of some of the recent incidents which has caused a lot of unrest in our nation, this is a great opportunity to discuss and hear different perspectives from our community regarding race and injustice. It will be a safe place where people can share their thoughts and feelings, in addition to seeking ways in which we can practically narrow the gaps of racial tension. Healing and reconciliation is a Gospel thing. Let us pray for this gathering, that it may be a place where people leave broken, encouraged, and challenged, as we share Christ-like love with one another. Please invite your neighbors/friends/family/coworkers/etc to this important event!



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