The Benedictus 

What would you do after getting your tongue was locked up for 10 months and your son was just born? Zechariah the priest was made silent due to his unbelief in God’s word until his son John the Baptist was born. We read Luke 1:67:80 also known as The Benedictus (“Song of Zechariah”), and we saw how the first thing Zechariah did as he opened his mouth was to give God all the glory and praise. Scripture also states that he was filled with the Spirit. What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? How was Zechariah different? He was filled not with himself but with the Spirit. For us to be Spirit-filled we need to look into our own hearts and reflect upon two things. First, we must view ourselves correctly, for who we are. Do we see ourselves correctly for who we are? God placed things under our feet, to have dominion. But what do we do? We want to have the glory for what we have. As children who received the nice bedroom full of clothes and toys, we forget that we have a Father who provided the room and everything in it for us and we are supposed to take care of it, not think that it is ours to abuse and use for our own good. Second, we must see God correctly, for who he is. He is the amazing creator who gave us everything we have. Do we see him as the God who is sitting on the throne this very moment, worthy of our praise and glory at all times?  The beautiful thing is if one accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior he/she has the very God living within him/her, and this should give us joy and the power to live out the mission he has prepared for us. Unfortunately, there are things in our lives that quench the Spirit. As the Holy Spirit works in our lives he takes away our sins and even the good things that aren’t God things. God wants these things out of our lives so that we can be filled with the Spirit. Maybe some of them are good things that are not God things? Thought patterns? Old habits? As we saw this past Sunday, yes, the removing of our sins as the Holy Spirit works in us can get messy. Yet, it is a beautiful mess that gives God the glory and we receive the joy. Are you taking inventory of your lifeYou can hear Pastor Clete’s message on Luke 1:67-80 HERE!
What a blessing the Dinner and Dialogue on Race and Injustice was this past Friday! The discussion opened up room for more discussion, and we believe we made tiny yet positive steps towards better understanding one another and being able to mourn with those who are mourning. Many people left Friday night hungering for more (food and dialogue!), and we assure you that there will be more discussions and dinners over race and injustice! A special shout out to those who made the fabulous dinner happen, and for those who helped out with set up so that we could create this safe, God-honoring space for conversation!


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