Good News of Great Joy: Christmas Unplugged

From PA, to Australia, to Pakistan, to NYC, there was much carnage last week. All the Christmas lights, parties, and gifts, in the world can not hide fact this world is deeply broken. On an individual level, Christmas is often followed by a time of depression for many people, because the holidays did not deliver joy they seemed to promise. So instead of trite little Christmas religious niceties that encourage us about as long as the wrapping paper stays on Christmas presents, we need Hope from God Himself.  May the Spirit dust off your familiarity of the angel’s announcement to the shepherds of Christ’s birth and empower you to both see and feel how The Gloria in Excelsis explodes with hope for a sin racked world and sin racked hearts. There are five compelling reasons this is Good New of Great Joy. You can listen HERE to this message from Luke 2:8-20.

We would love for you to join us for our Christmas Eve Service 6-7PM at The Post Office!
(2701 Joy Road, just west of Linwood in central Detroit)


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