From the 73rd floor of the Renaissance Center a person can get a full view of the city of Detroit. In a similar fashion the book of Revelation gives us perspective of eternity. Revelation 7:9 – 10, a significant text to understanding the story line of the Bible, is also a text for one of the core values at Restore. Eternity is about God being glorified, his weightiness being put on blast. It is about God being glorified for his salvation. The gospel will forever fuel the praise of our God. Ultimately, eternity is about God being glorified for his salvation by all peoples. Revelation 7:9-10 paints a beautiful mosaic of a multicultural people all worshiping in one voice but in a multitude of languages, and Jesus wants this now, to pursue this out of obedience. There are 8 tangible ways in which we can pursue this: (1) pray and fast for it; (2) preach for it; (3) raise up leaders for it; (4) walk in community for it; (5) do special events for it; (6) reject black and white thinking about it; (7) stay at the table for it; and (8) celebrate it! This is glory issue, a gospel issue, and an obedience issue. When people who are so different from each other worship God together as one family and do life together, that is a movie trailer for the eternal kingdom. Only His grace can undo a history of hatred and the barriers built up. You can hear this message on Revelation 7:9-10 by Pastor Mike HERE!

In the audio, you can also hear more about the exciting announcement about our first elder apprenticeship with Charles Bovan and the church planting residency with Tyler St Clair! Please pray for these brothers and the staff as they discern how to serve the body and His people!

As we enter into a new year, the theme of 2015 is On Earth as it is in Heaven. #Revelation7_9Now. We as a body will be joining many others in a intentional time of prayer and fasting to kick off the year. The purpose of this year’s Solemn Assembly is to focus Restore Church as individuals and as a church family on pursuing the reconciliation of all Peoples through the gospel. For details, please refer to the previous post!


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