What is the church?

Superman and a baby? There is not enough a single metaphor that can properly describe the difference between Jesus and Satan. That is how powerful Jesus is, and how powerless his “counterpart” is. However, if it is true that the gates of hell will not prevail, why is it that the church fails all the time? Why don’t the churches from the 1st century still remain? Jesus is referring to the universal church, the invisible church made visible through us, the local church. The church isn’t just about Jesus, the church is Jesus. When the church is persecuted, Jesus is persecuted. This body of Christ by it’s nature is diverse which is why “Because I am not…” is a deadly phrase. The church is the strongest when it is diverse, and no one has the right to tap out and to deprive the body of what he or she uniquely brings to the body.

Jesus loved us which is why he died for us. We as the body of Christ live for Christ. Therefore we live for one another. Everything has changed for us. It’s no longer about me. It’s not just about us, but it’s about others. We are ambassadors which means as a church we are an embassy, for the King of kings. As ambassadors of reconciliation, how can we tell others to reconcile with God when were not reconciled with one another? 

The church is a temple where Jesus is worshiped. We are the temple of God, and when we show up, the temple of God is here. Without the people of God, it is just a gathering of people, a building, a mere post office. However, when the body of Christ gathers as the local church, it is more powerful than any gathering of people we could possibly imagine. We are the temple of God worshiping the living God.
When the church is the body of Christ we have this horizontal relationship with one another. When it is the embassy of reconciliation we have an outward focus onto our community, and when it is the temple of God, there is a vertical relationship with God the Father. In other words, the local church is all about making Jesus a part of every aspect of your life. This is why we are called to be part of the messy, yet beautiful, body of Christ. This is the church. You can listen to this powerful message on the church by Pastor Noel Heikkinen from Riverview Church, one of the very first churches that partnered with us, HERE!

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