A Holy Ethnos: Be Who We Are

What is holiness and what does it have to do with MLK Day & this year’s theme of #Revelation7_9Now? In His grace God is clearly doing something special in & through Restore Church. But here’s the deal:  Nothing will derail what God is doing here quicker than God’s people not walking in holiness. It is true that we are going to struggle with sin all the way home; but willful, deliberate, knowing, consistent, intentional disobedience, is what will derail the church. If we don’t walk in holiness there are several tragic consequences: We will lose all credibility, lose the power of the Holy Spirit, lose the gift of effective prayer, and lose the very presence of God himself. To pursue being a #Revelation7_9Now church, we must pursue holiness ethnos. In 1 Peter we see 4 aspects of walking in holiness. First of all, we suffer well. There is a unique suffering for following our Lord, and we must keep our eyes on our prize, Jesus Christ. We also sever our old lives, not living in the way we used to for it is not who we are anymore. We submit to our authorities, and when we do, we are beautifully submitting to God, looking like Jesus whom we claim to follow. Lastly, we serve others, through loving & forgiving, hospitality, & using our gifts. Biblical holiness is not a list; it’s a lifestyle. We’re going to fail. However, God draws straight lines with crooked sticks. Those who have had a true experience with grace, walking close to God, say it is precisely because they have tasted that grace, that they pray and ask God to be whom he called them to be. Our usefulness depends on our holiness, having the holiness that comes out of constant communion with Jesus. “For every look at self, take ten looks at Christ.” (Robert Murray McCheyne) It’s all about Jesus. You can listen to this message on holiness by Pastor Mike HERE!

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