Suffering: God’s Discipline

Just as a loving parent disciplines a child, our Heavenly Father may allow us to suffer. Also, there may be things in our lives, not necessarily bad things, that must be taken away, for it is hindering our race, our walk with God, and our life with others. There may be sin which entangles us. In this grueling race, we may grow weary, and there may seem to be no end. However, we have the perfect example who was given a race, and finished that race. The pioneer of our faith, Jesus Christ. He finished his race in suffering, dying on the cross, so that he could finish our race. Through Hebrew 12:1-11 we saw how God uses suffering in our life. Suffering is used by God for correction, for teaching, and for prevention. Our suffering is God’s discipline that legitimizes our faith. He uses the correction and chastening for our good and with a clear purpose behind it, as we saw with Jacob. Also, through the suffering, we learn more about ourselves, and ultimately about God. Suffering may come our way in order that we may avoid greater suffering, maybe even eternal suffering. God uses suffering to show us his love, not only as we grow closer to him, but through the greatest suffering made known to us in the humiliating death of his beloved Son. Let us not lose heart in the times of suffering. Discipline is not meant to be comfortable; it is meant to hurt. However, we are to remember that our God is for, and not against, his legitimate children. Is he restoring you? Do you believe that God is preparing you for eternity? You can hear this message on Hebrew 12:1-11 by Pastor Clete HERE!

Thank you again to our brothers and sisters from Findlay Evangelical Free Church, for blessing us with your gift. We are so grateful for your partnership with us and prayers for us. Our prayer is that God continues to use us to expand his Kingdom and to make his name known in Findlay, OH and Detroit, MI!



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