One Creator – IMAGO DEI

Racial injustices. The Holocaust.  Abortion. What do these horrific things have in common? All three of them have the same basis, namely that some people are more valuable than others, that some are inferior to others. What destroys that lie? Imago Dei. There is one creator who made us in his image and all people matter because God made all people in his image. We’re all equal, valuable, and meaningful. As we read in the early chapters of Genesis, we are all glorious dirt bags (yes, ribs as well) with humble beginnings. However, what makes people special is that we were made in His image, created by the breath of our Creator. 

So what’s racism? It is pounding violently on God’s artistry and sin is what leads us to justify it. Sin has tagged us with our own sin and we are also tagged by the sins of others. It has scarred humanity relationally. Therefore, our only hope is in Jesus Christ. He is the perfect image of the invisible God, the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature. Jesus experienced the injustice that many have experienced to an infinite degree, at the hands of man and the hands of God, the wrath that all mankind deserved. Unfortunately, there are some ways we can go against being a people created in the image of the very Creator. We push for assimilation or separation, rather than interaction and relation, centered in our identity in Christ. We can dismiss the past and the impact that it brings to the present, failing to learn the history and to celebrate the victories of others. On the flip side, we can also hold people in the present guilty for the past or broad-brush the actions of few people to represent the whole. What should we do? We need to take action, as did our Savior, which eventually led to his crucifixion. It’s not a life wasted, but a life lived to make a difference. You can hear this message on being a people created in the image of God by Pastor Mike HERE!

A bit late notice, but as a friendly reminder, it is the first week of the month, which means we has the body will be praying and fasting on Friday (2/6), seeking the Lord’s will and depending on Him. As we normally do, we will gather at the post office at 6:00 – 7:00 pm to pray together and for one another. Join us in prayer! Don’t think it’s supposed to snow again until Saturday so we hope to see you there Friday night!

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