What We Believe

Does it remind you of the boring lectures when you were in school when you hear, “What does your church believe”? Don’t worry you might not be the only one. However, as we saw all throughout Scripture, it is important to have the right roots in order to bear the right fruit, and what we believe as a body is crucial to how to grow and function as one body. In Part II of our church partnership series, as we anticipate to roll out church partnership here at Restore in the near future, we went over the 8 beliefs of our body: (1) Gospel Centrality– We heartily embrace the gospel as the center of everything we are and everything we do. This gospel of Jesus Christ is not a one time prayer or experience but what propels us to move forward in our daily lives. We are saved by, changed through, and one day, we will be brought home by, the gospel; (2) Reformed Soteriology– we heartily embrace the sovereignty of God’s grace in saving sinners. Salvation belongs to The Lord; (3) Complementarian Ecclesiology– We heartily embrace the total equality of men and women, coupled with the responsibility of me and servant-leaders in the home and the church. There are different, yet essential and dynamic, roles for men and women; (4) Missionary Philosophy– We heartily embrace the reality the church exists to reach the nations and the neighborhoods. Every believer is a paid missionary; (5) Continuationist Pneumatology– We heartily embrace the necessity of the empowering and endowing presence of the Holy Spirit for all of life and ministry. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that we do all things; (6) Multicultural Diversity– We heartily embrace God’s plan to display his glory in the church by reconciling all kinds of people to him and one another; (7) Baptistic Sacramentally– We heartily embrace believer’s baptism by immersion as our public profession of faith and commissioning to make disciples making disciples; and (8) God-dependent Urgency– We heartily embrace prayer is the sine qua non of the kingdom advancing in, through, and from us. Prayer is what keeps the heat on at Restore! You may have several questions regarding partnership with Restore and what that might look like, and that’s ok! Our pastors will be more than happy to converse with you, and more importantly, pray with you regarding these issues. As you were listening to the message, what did the Holy Spirit tap on your heart? You can listen to this message on church partnership by Pastor Mike HERE!

We would like to invite you to PlantMidwest. This year our focus is on PRAYER and the first quarterly, led by Pastor Kenny Petty from St. Louis, MS, will be on Prayer and Revival! It will be held at the PO on February 24th 9am – 1pm. Lunch will be provided and you can REGISTER FOR FREE HERE! (Make sure to register under the tab for DETROIT) Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect and pray with other church planting leaders and to learn more about prayer! If you have any question regarding PlantMidwest, you can email Peter Ashmore who has done an amazing job making PlantMidwest happen here at the PO at p.ashmore@gmail.com.

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