Grace, the Engine of the church

In the end of Titus 2, following a series of practical lists, out of nowhere Apostle Paul writes to Titus the explosive message of the gospel of grace. The gospel of grace is what makes all of the practical things function in their proper relationship with one another. In other words, grace is the engine for the churchGrace is the engine that fills the church. Is it ridiculously exclusive to say that there is only one way to God? This most exclusive message is actually the most inclusive message for everybody. There’s one door but there is enough room for everybody. Is your name on the list? Jesus puts all of our names on the list to enter the kingdom of God, simply by grace. In essence, we receive our all-access pass to the kingdom of God. Grace is also the engine that fuels the church. It teaches us to say no to ungodliness and unholiness, and to say yes to godliness and holiness. We’re identified not for what we’re not but what we are. This grace of God that brings salvation transforms our desires. It produces people to be a people that can’t wait to do what pleases him. How does God’s grace do what we can’t seem to do? Jesus obeyed for us because he knew we couldn’t. He hung on the the tree to absorb the wrath so that we can say yes. We don’t obey because we have to, but because you want to. Lastly, grace is the engine that focuses the church. We’re not boxers but professional wrestlers for we already know that no matter how bad we suffer we win in the end. God the producer has had the backstage talk with us before the match. It may seem as though there is no way that we could be victorious, but by God’s grace, all the uncertainty and fears will be relieved. Knowing that our hands will be raised in victory allows us to focus not on what we see but what we will see, standing before the literal throne of God without fear or anxiety for we know that we are forgiven, accepted, loved, and are His. This empowers us to keep fighting. Grace also helps us focus on our new identity. We’re now part of his people, a new people being formed by all people, gathered as one people. This does not mean that we don’t identify with our own people, but they become our secondary identities for our primary identity is being God’s people. This allows us to see God in ways where we never would have known before, and to show God in ways we never would have before. The world takes notice to God’s people. With grace, there is the power to reconcile the irreconcilable and to unite the non-unitable. Have you experienced this grace? God is calling us to proclaim this grace. Where does it start for you? You can listen to this powerful message of grace from Titus 2 by Pastor Cole Brown HERE!

Let us continue to lift up Pastor Cole Brown and his wife ReShawn in our prayers as they prepare to plant a church in Mexico City, that God may provide them with all of their needs and that they might be linked with the preordained partners from all over the world for the sake of the gospel!

If you have not bought your tickets for the Mission Home Conference on March 6-7 you can buy them at It will be hosted by one of our partners First Presbyterian Church of Trenton. As sited on the website, it is a two-day conference which explores how the Gospel transforms the family. This is not just a conference for moms and dads. No matter what age or stage of life you are in, you are part of a family which needs to be profoundly impacted by the Gospel.” Enough said.

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