Prayer and Revival (plantMIDWEST Detroit Q1)

As you may know, Restore Church is a part of a church planting movement called plantMIDWEST Detroit.
plantMIDWEST Detroit is a gospel-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered, church-planting movement that helps leaders gather to learn, pray, and connect.  Yesterday, plantMIDWEST Detroit held the first quarterly meeting for 2015 here at the PO.  Pastor Kenny Petty from St. Louis, MO kicked us off with the topic of “Prayer and Revival.”

The first thing that struck me about Pastor Kenny Petty was his sheer humility and awe of God’s grace in his life.  “I’m not going to act like I’m this big time conference speaker, I’m totally blown away by God’s grace right now,” said Pastor Petty as he stood up to minister to us.  Pastor Petty went on to tell us about how The Lord Jesus rescued him from drugs, violence, and gangs while in solitary confinement in prison by reading Psalms 51.

In session 1, Pastor Petty emphasised the absolute need for prayer for spiritual revival in our cities and country.  
You can listen HERE to this message. Here are some quotes from his message:

“Throughout history, there has never been a great move of God without united, persistent, kingdom centered prayer.”

“We need to be in prayer for spiritual renewal in our lives and the lives of others.”

“No man is greater than his prayer life. The leader that is not praying is playing and believer that is not praying is straying.”

In session 2, Pastor Petty broke down the keys to revival found in The Book of Acts.  To see God send a true revival/spiritual awakening like during the days of the apostles we need (1) pray bold, earnest prayers (2) Christ-centered preaching and (3) contextual church planting. You can listen HERE to this message.

You can also check out the Q and A session HERE.

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