The Devil rages, but Jesus reigns!

When you think of book of revelation what comes to mind? Bar codes on foreheads? Micro chips? Complex flow charts and fancy graphs that no one but eschatological experts can begin to decode? The book of Revelation is actually more so about the message that Jesus wins and so do his followers, and it unveils what is happening, what has happened, and what is going to happen through recapitulation and symbolismWhat we saw in Revelation 12 was the empowering truth that the devil rages furiously but Jesus reigns victoriouslyThe devil raged against Jesus’ mission to come and die for the sins of all who would believe, but Jesus won. We see throughout the life of Jesus, starting from his birth, the 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, all the way to the cross on Calvary, Satan throws all this attacks against Jesus, but in the mystery of God’s sovereignty, all of Satan’s attempt to destruct actually helped God fulfill this mission. Also the devil rages against Jesus’ people but Jesus wins. Satan has been cast down because he can no longer make an accusation; the charges don’t stick because the payment has been made. The devil does rage furiously, killing faithful Christians, through false “soft gospels”, and the allurement into worldliness through riches and cultural acceptance. The Christian life is a battleground, not a playground, and anyone who names the name of Jesus has to know that the enemy is after us. But we have to make sure to not get it twisted – God is in control. There is no fair arm wrestle match against Jesus and the devil. Every time Satan has a Christian killed he is accomplishing another victory for Christ. The victory has already been won even in all of the atrocities in this world. How do we fight this? We must constantly preach the gospel to ourselves that we are children of the King of kings! The testimony that makes the devil quiver in fear is not what Jesus gave you but what he did for you in your place. We must also remember that our enemies are not THE enemy; there is an ultimate manipulator. People groups are not our enemies. At then end of the day the perpetrators on earth are pawns of the evil one. There is the ultimate hater who is manipulating their hate. Jesus came to forgive us for what we perpetrated and to free us from the pawn-hood of the devil. Keep the end in mind when going through struggles and difficult times. God’s presence will be restored fully with humanity. Keep your eye on the prize! You can listen to this message on Revelation 12 by Pastor Mike HERE!

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