What good is a training video if you don’t actually apply the knowledge from the training? As we continued in our Gospel Identities series, we learned how important it was to apply what we’re learning, and as learners of God we pursue our growth and the growth of those around us. We are learners of God, rescued from the blindness that caused us to follow wrong authority. We were blinded to our sin but God through his Son Jesus Christ revealed himself as the ultimate authority. When Jesus spoke, he did not need to add footnotes for himself, for what he spoke was divine authority, and we now have the Scriptures that God gave us as our authority. Jesus was the payment for our sins and that is why he is the authority. How do we look at this payment?  Apart from the Holy Spirit, who does divine lasik surgery to open our eyes, none of us can truly know who Jesus Christ is and who we are. We are learners of God who pursue our growth and the growth of those around us. First, we do this by gathering information. The Bible through the Holy Spirit tells us who God is and it shows us how to live. How can we know who we truly are apart from the word? The Holy Spirit reveals who we truly are to us through the word, which is why we need to be a people in the word and be cautious about what and who we listen to. Garbage in,  garbage out. How we fertilize our souls determines what type of fruit we will bear. We also learn from watching those around us, learning from the people of faith, and we need to be able to live our lives so that others can imitate us. We can be open about our sin and repent for it for the perfect Jesus took the blame and the shame. The Christian life is not about living the perfect life, but about realizing that the perfect person Jesus died for our sins so that we didn’t have to put up a facade of a flawless life. The gospel frees us to repent and to not live in shame. Lastly, we should be imparting the knowledge of the gospel to others. Just as we take our own growth serious, we also value the growth of others. We are all making disciples, but of whom? Are we making disciples of Jesus or of ourselves? We are going to fail each other, but Jesus Christ will never fail you. We can rest in this grace of the one who has all authority and shows us his ways. When the bad things of life hit you, are you going to collapse because you have no foundation in the gospel, or are you going to be steady, sure, and sound? You can listen to this message by Pastor Clete HERE!


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