Everyday Missionaries

What is the greatest rescue mission? How do people come to know Jesus? In our finale to the 4-part series on our gospel identities, we explored how everyday people being faithful in their everyday lives become the primary agent of bringing God’s people home. We are missionaries of God sent to show and tell Jesus. A mission is a special assignment given to a person or group, and if we are in Christ we all have a special assignment, but before we ever talk about what we must do we must glory in what has been done for us. God sent His son on the ultimate rescue mission as the ultimate missionary. He who knew no sin became sin for us that we would be the righteousness of God in him. The only thing we contribute to our salvation is the sin that required it. Nothing can wash away our sins but the blood of Jesus. What is the message of Christianity? Religion says do and God will be pleased, where as the message of Christianity is it’s already been done for you. It is hard to be overflowing with joy when we are burdened with all that we have to do. We can’t ever get over celebrating our rescue. This is the fountain head for the vibrant Christian life, being regularly amazed by what has been done for us.

Yet we are not saved to sit but to be sent. Jesus was sent to accomplish our salvation; we are to simply announce this, to declare the Savior. We might think that evangelism is something for the specialists and experts, but the truth is that we, everyday people, are all called to be making Jesus known in our everyday lives. So, where are we supposed to go? Where we are is where we have been sent. All of life is sacred, and all of life matters. And if all of life matters, how we work matters. Missionaries are not (x3) special people sent to far away places, but each and every Christian doing life right where they are. Also, we need to avoid the two ditches of (1) all show and no tell, and (2) all tell and no show. How am I showing Jesus? To whom have I told the gospel? In addition, we must drop the mask and invite people in. In other words, while we think the more together we look the greater effect we have, in our weakness is where we display Jesus Christ the greatest and we put the gospel on blast. One and done is dumb and that’s not how people usually come to Christ. We need to keep on scattering the seed of God’s word. Fortunately, our success does not ride on us. There is no plan B; God has set it up so that plan A will succeed, not because God needed us but because he calls us to partner with us to accomplish what he can do all on his own. Faithfulness belongs to us, fruitfulness belongs to God. We must also remember that we have Pentecostal power, meaning that the same Spirit that birthed the church is the one that fills us, the very power that caused a bunch of men and women to turn the world upside down. Finally, a life of witness is rooted in a life of worship. Those who have Jesus most on their lips fellowship with him most in their hearts. How many more stories will God tell as we simply live out our missionary identities of showing and telling Jesus? You can listen this message on being a missionary by Pastor Mike HERE!
This upcoming Friday (4/3), the Friday before Easter, is also known as Good Friday. So what makes Good Friday good? Glad you asked! On Friday we will be gathering at the PO 6:30 pm to answer that very question! We will also be gathering for worship on Sunday (4/5) at 11:00am for Easter, to celebrate and to remember something and someone far more significant than egg hunts and giant bunnies! Please come join us!

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