Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday

What makes Good Friday actually “good?” That’s a great question because maybe a better expression would be Horrific/Evil/Bad/Catastrophic Friday when you think of what Jesus went through. He suffered massively! Who killed Jesus? The Jewish authorities? The Roman authorities? Us? Yes, we crucified him, but ultimately, in his sovereignty and omnipotence, it was all according to the Father’s plan that the sinless one laid down his life for the sin of all mankind. God’s purpose on the cross was to satisfy his own judgment against sin. So why did God do this? Because he loves us. The horrific events on Good Friday are gloriously salvific because God was working to save his people. Jesus’ death on the cross is the ultimate demonstration of God’s love for you. You can listen to this message from Good Friday preached by Pastor Mike HERE!

At some point in time, each and everyone of us was an enemy to God, all in need of a mediator. Jesus took our punishment so we could receive his peace. We now have the peace of God. We are to remember where we came from, separated from God and strangers without hope. We deliberately chose the life without God. But.. BUT! Once far from God, we were brought near to the love of God through the blood of Jesus. Though we were sinful, doomed to suffer in eternity, Christ brought us home. Where would we be without Jesus? Do you have this peace? Have you made peace with God through his Son? Have you surrendered your life to this Savior? Are you standing in his peace or your own righteousness? Not only did Jesus’ death and resurrection cause peace between us and the Father, but it also caused the truce with our earthly enemies. Because we have the peace of God, we have peace with one another. In our sin, not only do we build brick walls but also spoken walls.  We’re all responsible. Walls of division and hostility. Walls of race and classism. By his death, Jesus broke down these walls. What can bring together people who hate each other? The resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because he got up, the walls came down. The sacrificial death and the triumphal resurrection of Jesus Christ was the TNT to destroy all dividing walls past, present, and future. His church is revolutionary where rich and poor, black and white, men and women, all come together as one body. The body of Christ is like gumbo, some of this some of that, and it tastes like nothing else in this world! So what does this all mean? We must come to Jesus, surrendering our lives. We must tear down our walls of hostility. We must be peacemakers. What can we do to build bridges in our community? What can we put our hands on? Are we people who bring other people together or pull them apart? You can hear this message from Resurrection Sunday by Pastor Tyler HERE!

We will be starting a new sermon series on the book of Jonah! Join us on Sunday 11am at The Post Office! 


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