God of Outrageous Grace

What is grace? God’s undeserving favor to ill-deserving people like us, the glorious reality that separates itself from anything else the world has to offer. But the reality is that even we as believers can get this twisted. Cheap grace? Not-them grace? Earned grace? Limited grace? The book of Jonah corrects these views as it displays the God of outrageous grace. God exceeds normal expectations to pour out His grace. As we will see throughout the book, Jonah is not the hero of the story and we should be able to identify with the fear of Jonah. Jonah being told to deliver the message of judgment over the land of Ninevah was like the Coptic Christians going to an ISIS camp and sharing the gospel. But it’s not just the fear that motivates his disobedience; it is also the hate, for he does not believe that they deserve God’s mercy. Jonah shows us our struggle to love on people whom we do not want to. As shown in his obedience and disobedience, Jonah also displays the spiritual bipolar disorder with which we as followers of Christ all struggle. This is why we must look at the main character and true hero, God himself. Throughout the series we will see how He is the God who pursues, saves, shows mercy, and loves as the true hero of this story. He is the God of outrageous grace because he is the sovereign king who reigns, because he hears and answers our prayers, because he cares for the untouchables, and because he sent his son Jesus Christ, who was rejected, and ultimately, crucified for our sins. Jesus saw our wickedness but in joy he took our condemnation. You can listen to this introductory sermon by Pastor Mike to kick off our sermon series on the book of Jonah HERE!

Speaking of kicking off, we are also kicking off Restore Flag Football this upcoming Saturday (4/18) 10 am at Hutchins School (8820 Woodrow Wilson St, Detroit, MI 48202). As Pastor Mike put it,”this is a great opportunity to love on and connect with our great community!” Even if you can only stop by for a couple of hours, we’d love to see you there!


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