Lift up your eyes and see!

The encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well broke every social convention. It was the most improbable meeting. However, Jesus intentionally made sure that it did happen. He went through Samaria because of her and he used this woman to bring a whole town. Jesus tells his disciples, “Lift up your eyes and see.” What was it that the disciples could not see? What is it that we cannot see? There are 4 reasons why we must lift up our eyes and see. There is a christologial reason. Jesus is our lord and he was a friend of sinners. This is why we are expected to be with sinners. There is also an anthropological reason. All people were created in the image of God, and simple for that reason, we must love on them, regardless of their shape or color. There is a missiological reason. Wherever we are going, we must make disciples, for that is Jesus’ calling for us. Lastly, there is an ecclesiological reason. The church is the instrument of God for restoration, salvation, building of his kingdom, and the demonstration of who God is. We have to do more than sociology. We have to be transformed and our theology must be re-calibrated, seeing the world in a way Jesus does. This doesn’t mean we stop being who we are. Whoever we are is God’s gift to the church, and he will use us within our own people to harvest. However, God may also place us in a areas in which we have not labored, having a whole other harvest prepared for us. He will use us in the most unlikely places in the most unlikely ways, all for his glory. Let us Lift up our eyes and see! Thank you Alex Mandes (Director of Hispanic Ministries in the EFCA) for sharing this message from John 4. You can read a helpful article by Alex on multiethnic ministry here.

A handful of us from Restore are driving down to Memphis, TN to attend the Kainos conference. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels and that God may use this conference and our time there to better equip us as a multi-ethnic church!



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