God’s Gracious Grasp

“Then…” This is how Jonah 2 begins. After clearly hearing God’s call, disobeying, caught up in a storm, getting swallowed by a big fish, THEN Jonah prayed. In other words, Jonah’s prayer was born out of affliction, not of affection for God. Often we don’t hit our knees until we hit rock bottom, not praying for repentance until we feel the consequences of our disobedience. We are Jonah, not seeing the need for Jesus until we reach the end of our rope. Yet, despite our disobedience, God hears our cry. He is faithful despite our unfaithfulness. The faithfulness of Jesus to rescue us is not predicated on our goodness, merit, or deserving. It’s sheer grace. As we saw in Jonah’s prayer, he acknowledged that God was sovereign over everything that happened to him. God is the master orchestrator even in our disobedience and wickedness, saving us in spite of our sins. We are never too far from the gracious grasp of the God Almighty. Jonah’s disobedience lead him to the bottom of the sea, hopelessly drowning. Instead of falling in the hands of death, Jonah fell into the sweet embrace of the God who saves. When it all seems impossible, looks like its over, God has a way of coming in with impeccable timing, to swoop up and save. God saves us and he continues to save us, for no one is too far for God to rescue. Idols break the hearts of its worshipers. Who or what do you seek to save you from your loneliness? Troubles at home? Depression? The human heart is a factory of idols. We are all prone to wander, exalting things above God. Who is your savior daily? Is it your job? Approval of men? Family? Church? Just like the fish vomited out Jonah, God spoke to the grave and the grave spat out our Lord Jesus Christ and now salvation belongs to him. Have you surrendered your life? Where do you seek your peace? You can listen to this message on Jonah 2 by Pastor Tyler HERE!
Next Tuesday (May 12) is our next Plant Midwest Detroit Quarterly! As we normally do, we will be meeting at the PO (2701 Joy Rd) 9am – 1pm. Our speaker Terry Virgo is a seasoned sage on prayer and you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear him speak on prayer and the leader’s prayer life.You can register for FREE at http://www.plantmidwest.com/event/spring-quarterly-2015/.

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