The God Who Loves

Just like a jeweler uses a dark backdrop to show the different facets of the diamond, God uses the dark backdrop of Jonah’s boiling rage to display the facets of his glorious love. After preaching the sermon of the ages (chapter 3) through which an entire city was saved, Jonah express his anger towards God, that he would extend his mercy to the wicked people of Nineveh. God uses Jonah’s anger to show his love for his people. God uses less than perfect obedience in service. Anger is one letter away from danger. Unchecked anger not only puts oneself in danger but others around as well. Being more happy over God’s gifts than God is idolatry and massive instability. The only savior that is worm-proof is Jesus himself. God calls us to dangerous things but our calendars have already been printed. 

God’s affection for his people is clear, but just like Jonah we find ourselves caring more about “plants” than about people! Jonah mourned outside the city because the city of Nineveh repented, but several hundred years later the true and better Jonah would mourn outside the city of Jerusalem because people would not repent. And he walked into that city knowing that he was going to be tortured, brutally beaten, and ultimately hung on the cross to die, not just so that the people in the city would be forgiven, but so that we would also be forgiven. God’s love is universal and not tribal, it is undeserved and not earned, it is particular and not just general, and it is invasive and not passive. You can listen to this message on Jonah 4 by Pastor Mike HERE!
We are starting a new sermon series on the seven churches of Revelation! Come join us at the PO 11am Sunday morning to hear what God wants us to learn from the early churches!


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