Confederate Flags, Rainbows, and Genesis 1:27

The racially motivated murders during a Bible study followed by several church burnings remind us that racism both individually and institutionally continues to exist today. Not only has the historic definition of marriage been struck down but more and more Christians today support same sex marriage and believe that one can be a faithful Christian and live a homosexual lifestyle. Do you form your views from the changing winds of culture or the unchanging truths of God’s word? Our search for answers cannot begin with our experiences… how we feel, who we know, or what we think. Faithful followers of Jesus, those who believe Jesus is Lord and take the Scriptures seriously, stand against racism and for biblical sexuality. We cannot be vocal about one issue and then be completely silent about the other. You can listen to this message on racism and biblical sexuality by Pastor Mike HERE! Yes, these are hot button topics but as we read and study the Scriptures, let us pray for open hearts and minds, that God may teach us his ways and not ours!


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