The Faithful Church

What kind of church really pumps Jesus up? What is Jesus’ favorite church? Is it an attractional church? Missional church? Rural? Urban? Jesus says that the church of Philadelphia kept his word, did not deny his name, and kept his word about faithful perseverance. It’s faithfulness, not perfection. There is no perfect church. Do we keep our commitments to Christ? To his church? To his people and to the community that he loves? We can delusionally mask our half-hearted faithfulness. The church of  Philadelphia took advantage of the evangelistic opportunities while focusing on the open doors that God provided. The absence of obstacles is not the clear indication of open doors. Faithfulness focuses on the opportunity more than the obstacles. It focuses on loyalty to God over being liked by everyone around. The more we treasure our loyalty to God over being liked by others the more we can love people the way God loves them. Faithfulness focuses on the eternal over the temporary. Jesus is coming soon and he calls the church to faithfulness by telling them to hold on to the eternal realities. You can listen to this message on the church of Philadelphia by Pastor Mike HERE!

The heat makes it difficult to tackle our summer projects but we’re going to keep pushing! Here is a short message from Pastor Mike regarding an opportunity to serve the body through participating in the demo project at the PO in 2 weeks:
On Thursday August 13 & Friday August 14 we need several men to help us do some more demo at the Post Office, move stuff outside to a storage container, and build a few more walls. A crew from 1st Presbyterian Trenton is coming in and we would truly like this to be a partnership between the 2 churches. I understand those are tough days but if you can make it one or both or part of these days please email me ASAP so we can prepare for this day.
Lastly, a big shout out to those who love and served the children in our neighborhood this past week! Let us continue to pray for the children, that God would grasp their hearts and that they would come to know him as their lord and savior!

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