Saved for this life!

How easy is it for us get our thinking and our actions twisted? The book of Titus gives us a picture of how we are to believe rightly and live practically in this world. We are all in the cell of sin, rightly convicted of treason against God. Yet God the Father sends his Son on a rescue mission to open our cells, setting us on the shore to live for His glory.  God knows who are his, those who calls upon the name of the Lord, and he comes to rescue us from the jail cell of sin. Have you been deceived by drawing a picture of the beach and sweeping up the cob webs of sin but still in the cell or have we been rescued out of the cell and taken to the shore of God’s love? You can listen to this introductory message of our sermon series from the book of Titus by Pastor Clete HERE! Also, if you missed last week’s message by Pastor Mike on the church of Laodicea, how Jesus desires for us to be a church that is effective in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, you can listen to it HERE!

Interested in learning, connecting, and praying with others about kingdom advancement in Detroit & beyond? You can REGISTER FOR FREE for the third PlantMidwest session, where K. Edward Copeland will be speaking on prayer and the mission! It will take place at the PO (also known as Restore Church; 2701 Joy Rd. Detroit, MI 48206), next Tuesday (August 18th) from 9am to 1pm. And yes, lunch is provided!


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