A Life Worth Following

Godly character, healthy family relationships, and faithfulness to scripture is for all mature Christians. Titus 1:5-9 speaks on how an elder must live a life worth following. Character trumps charisma, giftedness, and leadership ability. Men that lead in God’s church must have Teflon character. In other words, no character accusations can stick because his character is pristine. His integrity cannot be in question. If someone accused you of loving your leisure time, sports, and rest more than ministry, would those accusations stick? All theological talk but no serving walk? Charged with being a doctrinal beast but a fairy in discipleship? Desiring the stage but not sacrifice? Would you be found guilty and would these accusations stick? This does not mean the elders are perfect. There was only one perfect elder and his name was Jesus Christ, but despite being a man who sins, an elder must model and practice genuine repentance to remain qualified to lead God’s people. What does this look like? One must be above reproach domestically, ecclesiastically, and doctrinally. He must faithfully serve and sacrifice for his wife and pour into his children spiritually that they be obedient and submissive. Before pastoring God’s flock, one must pastor his own flock well. He must not be arrogant, quick-tempered, drunkard, violent, or greedy for gain. Rather, he must be hospitable, a lover of God, upright, holy, and self-controlled. Are we busy doing nothing, in fruitless endeavors? We have to be disciplined be about our Father’s business. There is much work to do with very little time. An elder must be able to teach and preach the gospel, and correct and rebuke those who do not, holding firm and guarding the trust worthy word of God. We are to hold tight and fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ. While so many declare the watered down message, we are to stand on the 100% proof gospel, the only agent of true life-changing transformation, following after the one and only elder who was truly above reproach. You can listen to this message on Titus 1:5-9 by Pastor Tyler HERE!

Last reminder to REGISTER FOR FREE ASAP for PlantMidwest which takes place at the PO (2701 Joy Road Detroit, MI 48206) this upcoming Tuesday (8/18)! We understand that it’s on weekday, but if your schedule allows, please come join us in learning, worship, fellowship, and prayer! 
Also, if you weren’t able to join us at the PO this morning, you unfortunately missed Pastor Mike announcing (reminding us the date over and over and over and over again) that we will be having one of the biggest work days at the PO thus far on Saturday August 29th (not April) starting at 8am! We are giving a couple of weeks notice so that you can come out and help out as much as your schedule allows, even if it’s for an hour! We’ve had several partner churches bless us by helping us with our building renovation project just this summer, and we want to make sure that we show through our actions that this is truly a partnership, working TOGETHER! Put it on your calendar NOW!

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