The Ministry of Protection and Confrontation

False teachers outside the church and faction creators inside the church are those who stir up division by leading people falsely with what they believe and how they are to live. A church without a strong qualified leadership is similar to a body without a functioning immune system. Elders are to be the immune system for the church. One of the reasons to the calling of a godly eldership is because of the proliferation of hairetikon, those who divide. They are many outside and inside the body that do damage to the church. They are deceivers who are unwilling to submit to God, God’s word, or to God’s leaders, while distorting the gospel by adding to it. These people might do damage from a pulpit, but the biggest damage they inflict is in the private places where families are turned over and led astray. They teach for shameful gain, being more interested in money, reputation, position and power than serving God’s people and His church, and they often reflect the sins from the culture that they come from, rather than fighting against it. They profess to know God but deny him with their works. So what is the necessary response from the leadership? These people must be silenced, their platform to infect the body removed, and sharply rebuked, all which come from a heart of a broken father who protects his family. You can listen to this message by Pastor Mike on Titus 1:10-16 HERE!

Do you remember when Pastor Mike made that announcement about that work day at the PO and he reiterated the day over and over and over again? Well, that day is this Saturday! As previously mentioned, on August 29th (Sat) at 8:00am, we will be having one of the biggest work days at the PO (2701 Joy Road Detroit Mi 48206) thus far! We need all men, women, and children who are able! Please come out and join us as your schedule (that has already been cleared up since we made the announcement) permits!

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