A Gospel Transformed Life

What does a life affected by the gospel look like? The evidence of a heart that has received the gospel is a lifestyle that has been transformed by the gospel. If the gospel does not alter the way you live then the gospel has not changed your heart. Just like our physical bodies need a balance of healthy food, so do our spiritual bodies. A diet of unhealthy doctrine will produce sickness and dysfunction in our lives, fostering immaturity, bitterness, self righteousness and hardened hearts. A healthy gospel diet models the gospel and multiplies through the gospel. Our head, hands, and heart all must be affected by the gospel. True maturity in Christ is not measured in gospel knowledge acquired but rather in gospel application and implementation in our lives. This life we live is not for the perishable but for the eternal prize. Where are the areas in our lives that we are running in circles? Chasing your sexual, material, passions and lust, more than the savior that saved you? Are we actually spending time in God’s word and in prayer? Outward holiness shows the transformation within. Gospel-driven doctrine pushes us to pursue purity and not our passions, self control and not selfish desires, seeking the will of God and the wants of our hearts, desiring his holiness more than our happiness. How we live in the world shows if there has been a true inward transformation. The advancement of the gospel depends on gospel demonstration along with gospel declaration, and if the profession of our faith does not match our actions, the gospel and our Christ will be scrutinized and mocked. Gospel multiplication starts with sound teaching but it continues with intentional discipleship. Jesus showed us how to live and submit to the Father’s will. This life that we live is not for ourselves, but to look more and more like the One who gave us a new one. You can listen to this message by Pastor Tyler on Titus 2:1-10 HERE!
Corporate prayer and fasting on the first Friday of the month is back! It sure has been a busy summer at the PO but we do not want to forget where our strength comes from, and that we cannot do anything without the power of the Holy Spirit. This upcoming Friday (9/4),starting at 6am until 6pm,  we will be praying and fasting, specifically focusing on our workplaces, and at 6pm we will be gathering as a body at the PO (2701 Joy Rd. Detroit 48206) for an hour of concentrated prayer. May the significance of prayer in our heads be reflected through our actions!

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