Grace vs. Entitlement

Is your life built upon a shaky foundation or on a sure foundation? What drives us? What are we anchored in? We can fall into two ditches at the road to grace: driving with the security club, following a set of rules out of obligation, and driving without a steering wheel, allowing the feelings to interpret Scripture rather than the feelings being interpreted by Scripture. One’s about doing and the other is about feeling, but both are not grounded in the truth, embracing the lifestyle but not the life. The starting point must be God’s glory rather than man’s need when we look at the Christian walk. Jesus was a hero, a good example, but more importantly he is our Lord and Savior, to whom we owe our very lives. Even the faith that we are required to be saved cannot be mustered up on our own; it is given to us as a gift. Grace is not merely a definition, but it is a person, teaching us to pursue after Jesus rather than the ungodly passions in our lives. Only out of the proper understanding of grace and the love for Jesus can we do the good works for glory of God, reading the word, praying, and being in community of believers.We are not entitled to anything. It’s not about our likes and dislikes. It’s all about Jesus. Is He your Lord and Savior, or is he just your hero? You can listen to this message on Titus 2:11-15 by Pastor Clete HERE!

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