Keep the main thing, the MAIN THING!

We don’t want to be a church that exists without the gospel, where the gospel becomes assumed, then distorted, and is ultimately lost. We must keep the main thing, the main thing: the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to insist on the gospel. Being gospel centered isn’t just having the right propositional truths in our heads, it is the posture of our hearts to worship Jesus for who he is and what he has done.We need to avoid non issues that diminish the gospel, not majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors. The focus cannot be more on the results of the gospel than the fuel of the gospel. In what fashion are we really confessing the centrality of the gospel? We need to reject people who lead others from the gospel. Divisiveness in the body of Christ is detrimental. Those who stir up division (remember the fancy Greek word?!) need to be disciplined. We need to pursue good works, the fruit of the gospel. We need to learn to devote ourselves to good works, to be nourished, trained, and protected. As members of Restore, we will gather weekly, serve intentionally, give sacrificially, walk in community, and reconcile swiftly. We have to keep the main thing, the main thing! You can listen to this last message of our Titus series on Titus 3:8-15 by Pastor Mike HERE! Also, if you missed last week’s message, you can catch that HERENext week we will start a new sermon series on the book of Daniel! Please come join us Sunday morning 11am at the PO (2701 Joy Rd. Detroit Mi 48206)!

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