Faithfulness in Uncertainty

Have you ever felt that you were out of place? That you didn’t belong? One of the most difficult aspects of the life of a Christian is that we navigate through a world in which we do not belong. Our time here is limited, and the book of Daniel shows how we can survive and thrive during this time of earthly exile. How did Daniel react to the adversity and life altering events? He did not seek to impose his faith. Instead he was faithful to the God who was faithful to him and he left the results up to God. Faithfulness belongs to us but the results are up to God.

Nebuchadnezzar was a blood thirsty dictator who was the most powerful man on earth and he wanted the Israelites to be like Babylonians in every aspect of their lives. This is what the system of the world tries to do to us. We are placed at a crossroads where one path leads to dishonoring God through assimilation and the other path leads to honoring God by going against the popular beliefs, even at the risk of personal danger. What is the last thing from which you were determined to stay away from to honor the king and to be faithful to Christ? Everyone loves Christ until it is time to declare it with their actions. Daniel and his three friends were determined to be faithful to their God while being in a godless place. The ultimate faithfulness is found in our Lord Jesus Christ who was led to the cross and took upon the full weight of God’s wrath. How is the Holy Spirit leading you to push some things away to serve the king better? Daniel had total dependence in God. It is easy to say you depend on God until you face opposition, until your faith is challenged, until He’s the only thing we have. The only thing we really need is Him. Jesus is not the copilot; He is THE pilot. During times of trials and uncertainties, the answer to all of the whys in our lives is who.  Who is in control? Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. You can listen to this message on Daniel 1 by Pastor Tyler HERE!

It’s the first week of the month of October, which means we will be praying and fasting this coming Friday (10/2) from 6am to 6pm, and this week, we will be focusing on family. At 6pm, we will gather at the PO (2701 Joy Rd. Detroit MI 48206) for an hour to be praying with our brothers and sisters. Yes, we had a great turn out last month and it truly was a blessing to have everyone gathered at the PO, but more importantly, we hope that our complete surrender and dependence on God regarding our family may be expressed through our dedication to prayer!

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