God’s Kingdom trumps all others

The most powerful man in the world wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle go the night because of a terrifying dream. This ancient king will learn what we must all learn, God’s Kingdom trumps all others. We also learn from the faithful servant of that pagan king, Daniel, how to stand against the unjust use of power – boldness regardless of the consequences, humility, and a prophetic edge where he unequivocally speaks the truth. There is a kingdom that is going to come and will never end, and that is what fueled Daniels faithfulness. In the midst of all of the chaos in this world, do we truly believe that God’s kingdom trumps all others? Because God’s kingdom trumps all others, we can stand against injustice, share the gospel, serve instead of hating or assimilating, turn our pain into power, lose knowing we really win, and be saved. You can listen to this message on Daniel 2 by Pastor Mike HERE!

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