Stand Tall

The road to following Christ is full of pot holes of adversity and valleys of opposition. People will see us and attack us when we stand for the gospel, sticking out like a sore thumb because people around us aren’t doing so. People will see that we’re different. Just like several Jews bowed down to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar many Christians today bow down to the idols of approval of men and comfort. We either stand with Christ or bow down to the culture. Are you willing to stand alone and stand out when everyone else bows? Are you afraid to declare gospel truth? What’s more important: cultural relevance or scriptural truth? Being mistreated, maligned, and misrepresented is in the very DNA of the body of Christ. It all comes with the territory of following Christ. But we should cherish these times of suffering because it gives us an open door to declare the gospel and give glory to God. The Lord Jesus is worthy of all of the black lash and the suffering. The uncertainty of not knowing whether or not God who is able to save will actually save them makes the boldness of the three friends even more amazing. Are we willing to be fools for Christ, dealing with the uncertainty? Despite not knowing what the future holds we need to be confident in knowing the One who does holds on to it, knowing that he’s in control. In the midst of persecution and suffering, you are never alone if you stand with Christ.. As a believer of Christ, suffering and persecution is not a negotiable, but he promises his presence, and there is no greater comfort than that. Jesus Christ saved us from the eternal fiery furnace and from the fiery flames of God’s wrath. Everything else will change but God the ultimate deliverer is with us! Are you rescued by this savior? You can listen to this message on Daniel 3 by Pastor Tyler HERE!

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