The Antidote to Narcissism and Anxiety

We live in an intensely narcissistic era and age, the age of the selfie stick. Our struggles and failures are for others to blame and our success are ours to claim. The reality that only God is great is the antidote to narcissism and anxiety. In Daniel 4, we see that the haughty king is humbled. God had been very patient with Nebuchadnezzar, who was very much so fixated upon himself. Yes, he was the most powerful man in the known world, but he is instantaneously humbled by God, becoming animal-like. This is what our pride does to us. Whatever we revere we will come to resemble. Who are you looking more like today? And why does does God humble Nebuchadnezzar? Because he loves him. We find ourselves coming to God at times of crisis and God knows what it takes to bring his people back home. We see that the humbled king is ultimately saved. Not only does he give his testimony of how he was humbled, but he also acknowledges God’s greatness and gives God all the praise and glory. The heavenly king is truly glorified. As bad as things are personally, God is always on his throne. There was another king like Nebuchadnezzar that went from the heights to the depths, only this king did it willingly. Unlike Nebuchadnezzar, this king who was the creator of the universe did it humbly, taking up the form of a servant and led to the death of the cross, to bring his people home. This King of kings is with us today. You can listen to this message on Daniel 4 by Pastor Mike HERE!



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