Who is Jesus?

People often describe Jesus far from who he actually is, having their own version of who Jesus is. Fortunately, who Jesus is has been revealed in the Holy Scriptures. He is eternal God, the creator who not only represents God but who is God. He is the Word made flesh, who came to us as 100% man while being 100% God. He is the promised Messiah all throughout the Old Testament that points to him. He is Savior, the only means through which all of humanity that is free falling towards eternal damnation are caught by the very hands that were pierced because of sin. He is the Giver of life, who brings dead people back to life with a new heart that turns away from sin and towards God. He is returning King, coming in glory to claim his kingdom. Lastly, he is the Satisfier of the soul, the only one who can fill the void in our hearts. What is your response to this Jesus? You can listen to his message on John 1:1-14 by Pastor Mike HERE!
As it gets colder (even though it’s been a very mild winter thus far) we want to be a family that cares for our neighbors and help withtheir physical needs as we share Jesus’ love. We are putting together care packages this upcoming Saturday (12/12) at the PO (2701 Joy Rd Detroit 48206) 10am-12pm and delivering them next Saturday (12/19). Our brother Kyle Lake is also putting together a blanket drive, giving out blankets to the homeless in downtown Detroit, which will also take place next Saturday after we give out the care packages. Please bring blankets, new or in good shape, these next couple of weeks to the PO where we will be collecting them. Let’s not hide under our blankets but come out of them to love and serve his people!


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