What is Grace?

How much do you like the tune of amazing grace? Do you like the lyrics to it too? Is it God’s help to people who kind of deserve it, people who aren’t all that bad? NO! Grace is God’s saving favor for bad people- there is nothing we can do to earn it. We are saved by faith and grace cannot be earned. Why? We have to be completely sinless, and one drop of sin makes us a sinner. How many bad links does it take for a 500lb rock hanging from the chain to fall straight on your head? There are sins of commission and omission, of our mouth, and our thoughts. God demands sinlessness and we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. We deserve judgement. We will never know grace until we know we are guilty. God sees our worst but loves us the best. God lavishly pours grace on the broken and repentant. Jesus got what he didn’t deserve, the wages of our sin, so that we would get what we don’t deserve, eternal life with God. Grace. Religion says do this and that and try to earn it. Grace says shut up and believe the message that it is done. Have you come to Jesus? And how will you respond to this message of grace? You can listen to this message on grace by Pastor Mike HERE!

Don’t forget we’re handing out the gift baskets we put together last week this upcoming Saturday (12/19) from 10am – 12pm! Afterwards, we will also be heading downtown to give out blankets to the homeless! Yes, it’s been a mild winter thus far but let’s not bank on it to stay as warm as it has been. We all know there are many that suffer in our neighborhoods and in the streets, and this would be a great opportunity to love on our “neighbors”! Come join us at the PO!

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