What is Faith?

Following Jesus has been reduced to a code and calculated rituals and church attendance, and our faith is wavering or non-existent. The Christian life is birthed, thrived, and sustained by faith. We live by faith, not by sight! What is not faith? It’s not mental assent or accumulating knowledge. It’s not a feeling or being detached from reality. It’s not a set of does and don’t, and it is most definitely not a force! Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen. It is confident trust and complete reliance on the character of God and the future he promised. Knowledge, morality, and good deeds apart from faith do not impress God. Only the path of faith gains the approval from the Lord. The very faith we exercise is not something that comes from within us, but it is a gift from God. Our faith must be on the one who created everything and not our own abilities. True faith produces a life of worship and sacrifice, freely giving to God what already belongs to him. When we truly trust in the Lord, we realize that he is the source and all things belong to him, and he deserve the best fruit. Do you find yourself giving the steak of our lives to all the other things in life and throw God the leftover table scraps? True faith produces fellowship with God. All the Scriptures says about Enoch is that he walked with God; the finite, temporal having fellowship with the infinite, eternal. What’s preventing you from walking with God? True faith provides salvation. Noah started building an ark with wood  when there was not a single drop of water, simply because God commanded him to. God’s judgment of rain poured down as he promised, yet Noah and his family were saved because of his faith. Jesus was the better Abel, the better Enoch, and the better Noah. The blood of the holy, righteous, and sinless Jesus was not only approved by God, but the sacrificial death of the Son of God was sufficient to cover the sins of all people who put their trust in him. Jesus walked in complete obedience and lived the life that we couldn’t live to pay the price we couldn’t pay. God would use wood again to save his people, his wrath pouring down upon his Son who hung on a cross for our salvation. Do you have this faith? You can listen to this message on faith by Pastor Tyler HERE!
Come join us for our Christmas Eve Service (12/24) at the PO (2701 Joy Rd Detroit MI 48206) at 6pm! Let’s not forget about the greatest gift in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during this season of giving and receiving gifts! Also a special shout out to those who gave their time and resources sacrificially these past couple of weeks as we reached out to our neighbors, from putting together the gift baskets, giving them out, donating blankets and winter clothes, and praying for them. May the Holy Spirit continue to move us and convict us to love our neighbors for He loved us first!


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