How is the Holy Spirit poured out?

We can’t manufacture the outpouring of the Holy Spirit but we must pursue it. What does the trajectory of pursuit look like? There is first dissatisfaction. If you’re satisfied with the status quo, with the ‘life as usual’, you will not experience the supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit into your life. Even the world indicates that the catalyst for change is knowing that there needs to be change. We need to be honest with ourselves that what we’re reading in the Bible is not our experience and not like that at all. Secondly, there is desperation. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you couldn’t get it off your mind, going to bed thinking about it? We have to burn for more of God, thirsting after him. This desperation becomes obnoxious and persistent prayer, saying at the door to ask, seek, and knock. Thirdly, God starts dealing with you in new ways and idols will be exposed. To fill you God has to empty you, and even good things cannot take the throne of our hearts. What do you sacrifice most for in your life? Am I more upset about something more than the things that break God’s heart? Lastly, there is a renewed concern about holiness and not grieving the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit starts filling us he’s going to highlight things we were quite fine with, and then all of a sudden you’re not comfortable with it.  During this process, the Holy Spirit does not leave us in condemnation. The spotlight is shifted to the face Jesus, taking us back to our savior. It’s a painful yet fruitful process. We need to believe that the Father wants to fill us with the Spirit. However that it happens, we are to seek more of the Holy Spirit. And as we are filled with the Spirit, those around us are filled. There will also be revival, where there is action, people making a difference for the kingdom. The moving of the Holy Spirit cannot be manufactured but he surely can move in his people mightily! You can listen to this message on the trajectory of the pursuit of the outpouring Holy Spirit by Pastor Mike HERE! Also, if you missed last week’s message on what happens when the Spirit is poured out, you can listen to it HERE!

As we close out the mini series on the working of the Holy Spirit, for this month’s day of prayer and fasting, that is exactly what we will be seeking: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! We will be fasting and praying individually from 6am to 6pm and then we will gather at the PO at 6pm to 7pm for an hour of prayer as one body. We must desperately seek the Spirit!

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