It’s all about Jesus!

The gospel of God is always was and will always be about the Lord Jesus Christ. Contrary to common belief, everyone is looking for a savior, to be rescued or saved. However, not everyone wants a lord, or to become a doulos, a slave that is purchased with a price and belongs to the master. People want salvation while remaining as the lord of their own lives. Is Jesus the lord of your entire life or just portions of it? Do you give him Sunday mornings but not your finances? Sex life? Marriage? Children? Time? Paul indicates that he didn’t choose God but that he was chosen as an apostle and set apart. The script was already written, sealed with the blood of Jesus, and we have no authority for editorial changes. God’s calling is unstoppable. We didn’t muster enough strength to swim to the shore of salvation. We were dead, found on the bottom of the sea, scooped up and brought back to life. The gospel of God is not a new message. It was, is, and always will be about Jesus. Without Jesus, there is no gospel. Jesus is the gospel of God. The God-man was fully man and fully human, truly an original. How wonderful is it to have a high priest who truly sympathizes with our weaknesses! He became flesh but he always was God. All throughout the gospel accounts, Jesus’ humanity and divinity are both put on full display. He’s calling! Do you hear that call? Have you submitted to the God-man? You can listen to this message on Romans 1:1-7 by Pastor Tyler HERE!

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