The Gospel-Infected Heart

What happens when our hearts are infected by the gospel? We will care for Christians in other places. Paul cares for this church in Rome so much that he expresses his gratitude, prays for them without ceasing, and he actually longs to see them in order to serve them and to be encouraged by them. Despite all the differences in the church, a gospel-infection causes us to mourn for and celebrate with Christians all around the world. This is real worship to God. A gospel-infected heart also knows believers need the gospel, too. Why does Paul want to preach the gospel to those who are already saved? Because they need the gospel, too. In order for us to persevere, to grow in our faith, to have victory over sin, to have unity within diversity, to detect heresy, and to multiply via disciple making discipleship we need to always preach the gospel to ourselves and to one another! This gospel-infected heart feels the weight of reaching the lost, across every line, not just of those who look and sound like ourselves. There is an ethnic, economic, and cultural wideness of the gospel, and we all have the responsibility to take the gospel to the lost; the gospel is for all people. Lastly, a gospel-infected heart is convinced of the power of the gospel. Paul knew that the power was not in the messenger but in the message, and was not ashamed because what the gospel does. This gospel is for everybody. This decision of faith is a leap out of darkness and into the light. Have you jumped? You can listen to this message on Romans 1:8-17 by Pastor Mike HERE!

We’ve all heard about and are aware of the water crisis in Flint, MI. While putting away our opinions on the causes and effects, what is undeniable here is that there are people suffering and that they are in need. As a very practical way to love on the people in Flint, we are doing a water drive this week at Restore. Please drop off cases of water this upcoming Sunday (1/31/16) at the PO (2701 Joy Rd. Detroit MI) or contact Matt Golden at 586 879 3346 to drop off during the week, and the water will be sent to Damascus Road Church in Flint, where they will be loving on their neighbors with the water! Let us also not forget to pray for the city of Flint!

Don’t forget to sign up for the first PlantMidwest quarterly of the year at the PO (2701 Joy Rd. Detroit MI) next Monday (2/1/16)! FREE REGISTRATION HERE! Please share with those who might be interested!

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